How to Find Your Vision Center.

Finding your vision center is probably the most important fundamental in pool. Despite this fact we don’t seem to discuss it much at all.

In a nutshell your vision center is the position between or under your eyes where a perfect straight shot looks straight to your eyes. With both eyes open.

The majority of pool players have two good eyes one will be dominant but the other one will be carrying out a number of other important tasks. One of the most important tasks for the non-dominant eye is depth perception.

Looking with one eye it’s easy to get everything in line but two eyes working in unison will give you the full picture.

The eyes work in harmony to give all of the measurement information required to aim correctly.

This is nothing to do with the “Dominant Eye Theory” which has put a lot of people on the wrong path for many years now. Just to clear that up do not put your pool cue underneath your dominant eye unless your vision center happens to be in that position also!


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