Draw to Center of the Table – Pool Practice Drill

In this practice drill you will be finding the hit on the cue ball in order to draw the ball back to the center of the table. Set up the shot around three quarter ball.

Mark the ball positions on the table for consistency. Use ring binder reinforcers or something that will not mark the cloth permanently.

There is no one technique that will work for all players because everyone’s stroke is a little different.

You have to spend some time at the table in order to find your own way:

  • Adjust the tightness of your grip
  • Experiment with tip contact position
  • Try the shot at different cue speeds

Video Drill-Draw to Center of the Table

Always  start out a practice session with a definite goal in mind. Check your progress towards that goal, look at your results and make adjustments.

Do not be judgemental, there are no bad shots. If you miss the pocket or the intended position you have just learned what doesn’t work and that is a positive achievement.


Center Table Three Quarter Ball Pool Practice Drill Video.

Here is another warm up practice drill for you to practice….

After playing each shot look at the finish position of the white ball and note the route or the track line taken. Try to remember the shape in picture form and combine the picture with the feeling of speed and tip position.

There are probably hundreds of different ways to play each shot in the sequence. Numerous changes to the cue balls track can be made by adjusting the power, the grip and the follow through length.

Try to get comfortable with a number of different stroke combinations and outcomes.