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How to Aim

How to aim at pool in order to make the cue ball strike the object ball at the precise angle that sends the ball into the desired pocket?

If you can play a bit then this will not seem that difficult to do. However, making 2 spheres collide at the exact angle is no mean feat. Professionals and top amateur players make it look easy but they have hit their share of balls on the practice table.

If you ask a professional pool player how they aim you will usually get one of two replies:

  • I don’t know.
  • I don’t aim.

This is actually not a lie. It is not these players trying to hide their secrets, most of them genuinely don’t know.

Even worse if you are ever in a position to get some help from a pro player you will soon find out that most of them are terrible at explaining the process.

So what is a New Player to Do?

Pool and billiard aiming systems which is the best for a new player?

What is an Aiming system?

An aiming system is a practical method to assist alignment with the object ball. It is an aid to help with cue ball object ball alignment.

Do I Need an Aiming system?

The short answer is no, many people including professional players have never used an aiming system but play at a world-class level.

These players learned the angles from hitting millions of balls and using trial and error.

Do Aiming Systems help?

Yes, aiming systems can help.

Some systems are used to help illustrate the aiming line in coaching situations.

In particular, the ghost ball system is very useful when coaching students.

Aiming systems can help to shortcut the learning process, not everyone has the time to practice 8 hours a day.

Some popular aiming systems.

  • Quarters system
  • Split the difference
  • Cue shaft systems
  • 90/90
  • The see system
  • Center to Edge
  • Shish kabob
  • Ghost ball
  • Poolology
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