How To Play Pool For Beginners

Do you want to learn how to play pool for beginners? Pool is a popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this article, we will teach you the basics of pool. How do you Play Basic Pool? There are many ways to play pool, but the basics are simple. The … Read more

Do You Trust Your Stroke? – How To Play Pool With Your Eyes Closed.

Playing pool with your eyes closed

Pool players are always looking for ways to improve their stroke. Making little tweaks here and there over a period of time until they feel comfortable with the end result. A good end result is a stroke that is simple and easily repeatable under pressure without the stroke breaking down. However, constantly “tinkering” with your … Read more

The Only 2 Things That Matter In A Pool Stroke.

two things that matter in a pool stroke

So What Is Really Important In A Pool Stroke? In my opinion the only things that matter are alignment and delivery. That’s it, just those two things will make the difference between success and failure for a serious player. Get these two aspects correct early on in your training and you will improve much faster. What … Read more

What Size Tip Do Pro Pool Players Use – What Is Best?


The most popular tip size shaft for pool players today is 13mm. This was the standard size for many years that was delivered with a new cue either from a mass production factory such as Meucci or a custom cue maker like Mike Lambros. Some shaft manufacturers have moved to other sizes in recent years … Read more

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Pool Cue Longer.

I was feeling a little facetious when I started to write this article. I changed my mind once or twice about publishing it but in the end here it is! These 5 tips are not the usual things that players think of but I wish that I had a dollar for every terrible story that … Read more

Should You Change To A Low Deflection Shaft?-My Experience With LD Shafts.

Introduction. Your decision to change to a low deflection cue shaft will have a major impact on your game if you have been playing for a few years. Some things will be good and some not so, its just not something to take lightly! So Why Did I Even Look At LD Shafts? Firstly, when … Read more

What Size Room Do I Need For A Pool Table? – With Handy Chart.

I have always loved pool, there is something magical about striking that perfect shot and hearing that satisfying thump as your target ball clatters into the intended pocket. Unfortunately, it is a sound I don’t hear very often. Because, you see, despite being a lifelong enthusiast of the game, my skill level never quite catches … Read more

Predator Sport 2 Ice With Sport Wrap – Low Deflection Cue.

predator sport 2 ice pool cue

Introduction. This is a record of my experience with my first predator pool cue which I have had for about a year. I bought a Predator Sport 2 ice with sports wrap used on Ebay last January 2020. I purchased the white (Ice) version, which probably wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was … Read more

Best Cues for Beginner Pool Players – Do You Need Your Own Pool Cue?

Best beginner pool cues

If you’ve just recently started playing the game of pool or billiards as some people call it – congratulations! Welcome to a sport that will bring you endless hours of fun and joy whether you’re practicing solo or playing in a social setting, like the local bar, the pool house or even a friend’s home. … Read more

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for A Pool Table?

Gold crown tables in a room

So, you’ve planned an entertainment area in your home where you can have guests over and just kick back and enjoy a few games. And since you’ve pretty much watched every final of the world 9-ball championships, you’re probably thinking about putting a pool table as the grand centerpiece of your entertainment room. Pool is … Read more

What Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft – Do I need One?

Low deflection cue shafts

Introduction. Whether you are a keen amateur pool player or just starting out on this great billiards journey, it won’t be long before you hear the word deflection. The speaker could be talking about the cue ball movement, the deflection of the shaft or the latest low deflection high technology cue shaft to be brought … Read more

How to Use The Fractional Aiming System in Pool-The Quarters System.

fractions in pool

  What is The Fractional Aiming System? The Fractional aiming system is a pool aiming system that divides the object ball into sections or fractions in order to judge the potting angle of the shot. For example, if the cue ball covers half of the object ball at impact from the shooter’s eye view, then that … Read more

How To Straighten My Pool Stroke – Cue Action Drills.

How to straighten my pool stroke

Introduction To Straight Stroking Method. Before you learn how to straighten a pool stroke using this method, please understand that this information is contrary to the advice that is often given by other coaches and most instruction books. If you are having problems with straight in shots try it out you might be surprised. We … Read more

How To Stand When Playing Pool- Pool Stance Tutorial

pool stance

Ok, so who cares about the pool stance, or how to stand when playing pool? It’s not exciting, it’s just another one of those boring “fundamentals” that I learned about years ago. Hopefully, that is not your opinion but even if it is read on, you could find something that will improve your game. I … Read more

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke – My Pool Stroke Analysis.

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke. - Pool Stroke Video Analysis

Introduction to the Pool Stroke. So let’s learn together how to improve your pool stroke and take your game to the next level. The pool stroke is one of the most important aspects of playing successful pool. Without a great stroke, you can never produce the needed consistency and accuracy needed for top class play. … Read more

How To Play The Stun Shot – The Secret To Great Position Play.

how to play the stun shot

What Is The Stun Shot? The stun shot is a very exciting shot to learn. This shot gives another dimension to your position play. In its simplest form the shot is just the same as a stop shot but on an angle. When a stop shot is played on an angled shot, the the direction … Read more

How To Play Down The Line Shape | Position The Easy Way.

down the line shape

Down the line shape means that your cue ball is moving towards the next shot close to or down the shot line. Playing down the line position gives you a greater margin of error without sacrificing accuracy. When playing down the line shape the direction of the cue ball travel is still very important but … Read more

When We Miss A Shot – What Would A Pro Do Next?

What to do when you miss a shot

You will notice from the title “When We Miss A Shot” that I used the word “when” and not “if”. That was for a very good reason as you will find out below. Amateur Versus Professional Attitude. One of the biggest differences between the amateur and professional player is the way in which they react … Read more

What is an Average Fargo Rating in Pool – Are You That Good?

The bell curve

Find out what is an average Fargo rating is in pool. According to Fargorate the average Fargo Rating for pool players is somewhere in the region of 455 to 500. The more players that enter the system the more the average should move to the left ie. move lower. This is based on the assumption … Read more

Pool Performance Goals and Expectations – Can Coaching Help You?

Setting goals

What is a Performance Goal? Goal-setting restructures your brain to make it more effective according to this study. ​This goal setting article simplifies that study as follows: 1. Goal-setting literally alters the structure of your brain so that you perceive and behave in ways that will cause you to achieve those goals; and​ 2. Challenging goals … Read more

Center to Edge Aiming System For Pool – Why CTE is Different.

center to edge aiming

In order for me to discuss the Center to edge or CTE aiming method I would like you to bear the following in mind: Center to edge aiming is one of the most contentious aiming systems spoken about in chat rooms and forums. On the one hand it seems that people either love or they … Read more

Nine-Ball Run Out | When Things Go Wrong Fast.

9 ball run out problems

What Is A Nine-Ball Run-Out? A 9-ball runout occurs when a player breaks the balls and continues to shoot until all of the balls have been pocketed.  Each of the 9 numbered balls need to be made in numerical order. The lowest numbered ball must be contacted 1st.  Any ball can be made in any … Read more

How To Play The Stop Shot in Pool-Most Important Shot for Players.

straight in shot

[toc] If you find out how to play the stop shot in pool you will quickly move your game on to the next level. Knowing the stop shot will make using the tangent line easier and lead to better position shot all around. If you were hoping for this to be some kind of fantastic … Read more

How To Find Your Vision Center – Finding Your Best Aiming Position?

Vision center

What Is The Vision Center? The vision center is your personal, preferred alignment position that your eyes take up above the pool cue that: a. Gives you an accurate picture of the shot line and b. Agrees with reality. In a nutshell, your vision center is the position between or under your eyes where a … Read more

How To Improve My Pool Stroke-Develop A Great Cue Action.

Pool Stroke

What Is The Pool Stroke? The pool stroke is the backward and forward mechanical movement of your cueing arm. Your cueing arm consists of your elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. The hand and in particular the grip require a section on their own and will be discussed in more detail in another post. Sometimes the … Read more

How To Develop A Pre Shot Routine In Pool – Pool Shot Preparation.

Pre shot routine for pool players

What is a Pre-Shot Routine? The Pre-shot routine or pre-shot ritual is quite simply a set of actions that all great players make in preparation for every shot. If the great players are doing it then we probably should also take a good look at the pre-shot routine (PSR). The PSR is unique to each … Read more

What is the Tangent Line and How to use it to Improve You Game?

How to use the tangent line to improve position

Yes, the same tangent line that your geometry teacher at school was talking about years ago. However, your teacher probably failed to give you a practical use for this line. So let’s look at the tangent line and its practical applications in billiards. Pay close attention: this could be the one piece of information that … Read more

9 Ball Pool How To Play Nine Ball.

how to play nine ball

 What is 9 ball pool? 9 ball pool or just 9 ball as it is known in the USA,  is a variation of pool or billiards. Nine ball has apparently been around  since the 1920’s and appears to have originated in the USA. 9 ball pool was primarily a gambling game played between 2 players. Played on a … Read more

8 Ball Pool – How to Play.

how to play eight ball

What is 8 ball Pool? 8 ball pool has been played since the early  1900’s and probably originated in the USA. It is played on a felt covered table with six pockets and rubber cushions. Eight ball is played with 15 object balls and one white cue ball. There are 7 plain balls and 7 … Read more

Easy Inside English Three Rails Pool Practice Drill – Cue Shaft Deflection

inside english off 3 rails

In this video you will learn how to play inside English, left and side, off 3 rails to get position in the middle of the table. Just as a quick note, being from the UK I find it strange that Americans refer to side spin as “English.” Snooker player usually refer to it as side … Read more

Playing Pool Under Pressure – The Mental Side of Pool.

relaxation in pool

How to handle pressure, “having bottle,” “playing under the cosh”. This is a basic introduction to the mental side of pool. The way we think affects the way we play pool. The emphasis on the role of our mind becomes greater as we improve our game and move up the rankings. It has been said … Read more

Does Your Bridge Length Matter When Playing Pool?

does bridge length matter

Pool Player Bridge Length. The length of your bridge is the distance between your bridge hand and the cue ball when you take a shot. This distance has an effect on many aspects of your cue action and can in fact affect the accuracy and the smoothness of your stroke. Here are some examples of … Read more

Three Quarter Ball Position Practice Drill.

video practice drill

This Video is a Practice Drill This is a pool practice drill that my snooker coach demonstrated to me during an hour session in Nottingham. The idea is to play all of the shots from the same cue ball and object ball location and achieve different track lines by changing your stroke. Changing the Stroke … Read more

Center Table Three Quarter Ball Practice Drill Video.

3/4 ball practice drill

Here is another three quarter ball practice drill for your warm-up routine. After playing each shot look at the finish position of the white ball and note the route or the track line taken. Try to remember the shape in picture form and combine the picture with the feeling of speed and tip position. There are … Read more