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The Pool Cue Grip – Keep Your Hand Soft and Loose.

The pool cue grip determines the way the cue is delivered when striking the ball.

It is a little difficult to isolate the grip from the stroke as they are dependent on each other.

Both are vital.

How you grip the pool cue has a massive effect on the way that the cue is delivered. Your grip and wrist should allow the cue to move backwards and forwards in a straight line.  To get the straight line motion players must adjust the wrist.  The wrist unfortunately moves in a number of directions.

The only thing that matters is that the cue moves in a straight line.

How you achieve this is up to you as an individual.

There are however some things to bear in mind. Proven principles that should be incorporated into your grip.

Don’t Do The Following.

Don’t place your thumb on top of the cue.

Grip the cue so that your forearm is at 90 degrees to the floor at the address position.

Try not to turn your wrist to far outward or inward.

Don’t grip the cue between your thumb and fingertips.

Don’t try to crush the cue in your hand.

Generally try to include the following good habits.

The grip should be firm enough to pick up the cue from a table, yet relaxed enough so that the cue moves slightly within the hand.

The thumb should Point downwards and the knuckles should be parallel to the cue in the set position.

The shaft of the cue should rest lightly on the pads of your fingers with no pressure being transferred to the butt.

As the cue swings backwards and forwards in a pendulum motion the fingers generally open and close to accommodate and maintain its level movement.

When striking the cue ball the grip pressure is gently transferred from the front to the back of the hand.

In the finish position the knuckles finish pointing upwards with air to the palm of the hand.

It is a mistake to think that this grip as described above is good for all shots.

There are several different strokes in pool.

  • Follow stroke
  • Draw stroke
  • Punch stroke

Each Different Stroke requires a slight adjustment to the grip described above.

However the general basic principles of the grip remain the same throughout.


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