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What is going on in your head from when you wake up on competition day to when you get home that evening.

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When We Miss A Shot – What Would A Pro Do Next?

You will notice from the title "When We Miss A Shot" that I used the word "when" and not "if" ...
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Setting goals

Pool Performance Goals and Expectations – Can Coaching Help You?

What is a Performance Goal? Goal-setting restructures your brain to make it more effective according to this study. ​This goal ...
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Pre shot routine for pool players

A Solid Pre-Shot Routine Is A Must for Reliable Consistent Pool.

What is a Pre-Shot Routine? What is a Pre-Shot Routine? The Pre-shot routine or pre-shot ritual is quite simply a ...
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relaxation in pool

Playing Pool Under Pressure – The Mental Side of Pool.

How to handle pressure, "having bottle," "playing under the cosh". This is a basic introduction to the mental side of ...
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