How to Use The Fractional Aiming System in Pool.

fractions in pool

What is The Fractional Aiming System? The Fractional aiming system is a pool aiming system that divides the object ball into sections or fractions in order to judge the potting angle of the shot. For example, if the cue ball covers half of the object ball at impact from the shooter’s eye view, then that shot … Read more

How To Straighten My Pool Stroke – Cue Action Drills.

How to straighten my pool stroke

Introduction To Straight Stroking Method. Before you learn how to straighten a pool stroke using this method, please understand that this information is contrary to the advice that is often given by other coaches and most instruction books. If you are having problems with straight in shots try it out you might be surprised. We … Read more

Center to Edge Aiming System For Pool – Why CTE is Different.

center to edge aiming

In order for me to discuss the Center to edge or CTE aiming method I would like you to bear the following in mind: Center to edge aiming is one of the most contentious aiming systems spoken about in chat rooms and forums. On the one hand it seems that people either love or they … Read more

How To Find Your Vision Center – Finding Your Best Aiming Position?

Vision center

What Is The Vision Center? The vision center is your personal, preferred alignment position that your eyes take up above the pool cue that: a. Gives you an accurate picture of the shot line and b. Agrees with reality. In a nutshell, your vision center is the position between or under your eyes where a … Read more