5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Pool Cue Longer.

Introduction To Pool Cue Care These 5 tips are not the usual things that players think of but I wish that I had a dollar for every terrible story that I have heard in connection with breaking these rules. Pool cues can be quite expensive but even more importantly they are usually unique and very … Read more

What Size Room Do I Need For A Pool Table? – With Handy Chart.

I have always loved pool, there is something magical about striking that perfect shot and hearing that satisfying thump as your target ball clatters into the intended pocket. Unfortunately, it is a sound I don’t hear very often. Because, you see, despite being a lifelong enthusiast of the game, my skill level never quite catches … Read more

Predator Sport 2 Ice With Sport Wrap – Low Deflection Cue.

predator sport 2 ice pool cue

Introduction. This is a record of my experience with my first predator pool cue which I have had for about a year. I bought a Predator Sport 2 ice with sports wrap used on Ebay last January 2020. I purchased the white (Ice) version, which probably wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was … Read more

Best Cues for Beginner Pool Players – Do You Need Your Own Pool Cue?

Best beginner pool cues

If you’ve just recently started playing the game of pool or billiards as some people call it – congratulations! Welcome to a sport that will bring you endless hours of fun and joy whether you’re practicing solo or playing in a social setting, like the local bar, the pool house or even a friend’s home. … Read more

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for A Pool Table?

Gold crown tables in a room

So, you’ve planned an entertainment area in your home where you can have guests over and just kick back and enjoy a few games. And since you’ve pretty much watched every final of the world 9-ball championships, you’re probably thinking about putting a pool table as the grand centerpiece of your entertainment room. Pool is … Read more