How To Play Down The Line Shape | Position The Easy Way.

down the line shape

Down the line shape means that your cue ball is moving towards the next shot close to or down the shot line. Playing down the line position gives you a greater margin of error without sacrificing accuracy. When playing down the line shape the direction of the cue ball travel is still very important but … Read more

What is an Average Fargo Rating in Pool – Are You That Good?

The bell curve

Find out what is an average Fargo rating is in pool. According to Fargorate the average Fargo Rating for pool players is somewhere in the region of 455 to 500. The more players that enter the system the more the average should move to the left ie. move lower. This is based on the assumption … Read more

How To Play The Stop Shot in Pool-Most Important Shot for Players.

straight in shot

[toc] If you find out how to play the stop shot in pool you will quickly move your game on to the next level. Knowing the stop shot will make using the tangent line easier and lead to better position shot all around. If you were hoping for this to be some kind of fantastic … Read more

What is the Tangent Line and How to use it to Improve You Game?

How to use the tangent line to improve position

Yes, the same tangent line that your geometry teacher at school was talking about years ago. However, your teacher probably failed to give you a practical use for this line. So let’s look at the tangent line and its practical applications in billiards. Pay close attention: this could be the one piece of information that … Read more

9 Ball Pool How To Play Nine Ball.

how to play nine ball

 What is 9 ball pool? 9 ball pool or just 9 ball as it is known in the USA,  is a variation of pool or billiards. Nine ball has apparently been around  since the 1920’s and appears to have originated in the USA. 9 ball pool was primarily a gambling game played between 2 players. Played on a … Read more

8 Ball Pool – How to Play.

how to play eight ball

What is 8 ball Pool? 8 ball pool has been played since the early  1900’s and probably originated in the USA. It is played on a felt covered table with six pockets and rubber cushions. Eight ball is played with 15 object balls and one white cue ball. There are 7 plain balls and 7 … Read more