Do You Trust Your Stroke? – How To Play Pool With Your Eyes Closed.

Playing pool with your eyes closed

Pool players are always looking for ways to improve their stroke. Making little tweaks here and there over a period of time until they feel comfortable with the end result. A good end result is a stroke that is simple and easily repeatable under pressure without the stroke breaking down. However, constantly “tinkering” with your … Read more

When We Miss A Shot – What Would A Pro Do Next?

What to do when you miss a shot

You will notice from the title “When We Miss A Shot” that I used the word “when” and not “if”. That was for a very good reason as you will find out below. Amateur Versus Professional Attitude. One of the biggest differences between the amateur and professional player is the way in which they react … Read more

Pool Performance Goals and Expectations – Can Coaching Help You?

Setting goals

What is a Performance Goal? Goal-setting restructures your brain to make it more effective according to this study. ​This goal setting article simplifies that study as follows: 1. Goal-setting literally alters the structure of your brain so that you perceive and behave in ways that will cause you to achieve those goals; and​ 2. Challenging goals … Read more

How To Develop A Pre Shot Routine In Pool – Pool Shot Preparation.

Pre shot routine for pool players

What is a Pre-Shot Routine? The Pre-shot routine or pre-shot ritual is quite simply a set of actions that all great players make in preparation for every shot. If the great players are doing it then we probably should also take a good look at the pre-shot routine (PSR). The PSR is unique to each … Read more

Playing Pool Under Pressure – The Mental Side of Pool.

relaxation in pool

How to handle pressure, “having bottle,” “playing under the cosh”. This is a basic introduction to the mental side of pool. The way we think affects the way we play pool. The emphasis on the role of our mind becomes greater as we improve our game and move up the rankings. It has been said … Read more