What Size Tip Do Pro Pool Players Use – What Is Best?


The most popular tip size shaft for pool players today is 13mm.

This was the standard size for many years that was delivered with a new cue either from a mass production factory such as Meucci or a custom cue maker like Mike Lambros.

Some shaft manufacturers have moved to other sizes in recent years to give a wider choice to players these sizes include the 12.9 mm shaft used by predator cues on their original revo shaft.

They now have several Revo sizes to choose from.

Why Are Pool Cue Shafts Thicker Than Shafts Used In Other Cue Sports?

The tip sizes used in cue sports tend to be in proportion to the size of the balls being used in any particular game.

The Larger the ball the thicker the cue needed to play the game.

Using a small cue shaft with a large ball will cause the shaft to bend off line to a greater degree. The larger balls have a greater mass which will require more force to get the ball rolling efficiently.

Ball Sizes of The Most Popular Cue Sport Games In The World.

English 8 Ball (Black Ball) 2 inches (51 mm)

Snooker 2-1/16 inches (52.5 mm)

American Pool 2-1/4 inches (57.15 mm)

Carom (3 Cushion Billiards) 2-7/16 inches ( 61.5mm)

Russian Pool 2-11/16 inches (68mm)

Why Would You Use A Smaller Shaft Size?

There are several reasons to use a smaller cue shaft. I think that the main reason is a matter of visual proportion in that using a large diameter cue with a small ball is visually off putting.

Smaller cue shafts allow the player to see the tip contact point on the ball more clearly.

Some players say that it is possible to apply more spin with a smaller tip. Although I do not know if this is true it does appear to be the case from my own experience.

Are There Any Disadvantages To A Small Tip?

The surface of the cue ball and the contact surface of the tip are both curved. Therefor only a small portion of the tip actually makes contact with the ball.

That being the case, a dime shaped 13 mm tip should have a larger contact area on the white ball surface than an 11mm tip if the same curvature.

Also larger tips seem to be more forgiving when accidentally striking the cue ball off center. I can’t prove this but from my own experience it seems to be true.

Which Players Use 13mm Size Cue Shaft?

Many of the players from the far East use full size shafts that come as standard on the South West cues that are very popular with players of all ages.

The Ko brothers from Taiwan, Ko Pin Yi, Ko Pin Chung, who are both world champions, use the standard size shaft with regular deflection qualities.

Many players from the Philippines and China Also favor the full size shafts.

Players Using Smaller Cue Shafts.

Joshua Filler uses a Predator Z3 which has a conical taper and an 11.8 mm diameter tip. This shaft is also low deflection and more in line with the shafts used in Europe by many of the top players on the Euro tour.

Filler is another great young world champion who has found a smaller diameter cue to his liking. It’s a personal choice to be made by players but there is no taking away from him his amazing results no matter what your view.