5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Pool Cue Longer.

I was feeling a little facetious when I started to write this article. I changed my mind once or twice about publishing it but in the end here it is!

These 5 tips are not the usual things that players think of but I wish that I had a dollar for every terrible story that I have heard in connection with breaking these rules.

Pool cues can be quite expensive but even more importantly they are usually unique and very difficult to replace.

Players get used to a certain pool cue after a while and exact replacement can be near to impossible

1) Always Store Your Cue In A Rigid Case.

Why would you keep a $1000 cue in a soft case? Soft cases are cheaper for a good reason, apart from covering the wood they do very little else.

Buy a used one, buy an old case but get one.

Get a hard case with a rigid shell to protect your investment.

2) Don’t Ever Lean Your Cue Up Against A Wall.

This one is from my own personal experience.

My cue was leaning up against a bar in a snooker club whilst paid for my drink. It toppled over and fell towards the tiled floor. I couldn’t catch it, it smashed against the aluminum trim surrounding the tile. The top six inches below the ferrule snapped off and flew across the room under a table.

It took some time to find a replacement cue, but it was never the same.

3) Never Leave Your Pool Cue In A Vehicle.

First reason is that most pool cue butts are made of wood which is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

The majority of the value in a expensive pool cue is contained in the butt. Exotic wood and intricate inlays do not fare well in the trunk of you car. These designs will start to swell and contract quite quickly with temperature changes.

I don’t know about you but my old truck is adequately insured and if it ever goes for a walk apart from the initial inconvenience it will be no great loss. In fact I have at times wished that one of my vehicles was not in the car park when I returned.

Losing your pool cue cue to some lucky car thief should never be something that you reflect sadly on in years to come.

Just don’t do it period.

4) Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Cue In A Bar!

We all need to take an occasional break when we are playing pool. Perhaps you are playing in a weekend tournament and need to eat or use the rest room.

Even if you know the players around you personally, ask one of them to keep an eye on your equipment for a few minutes. You can do the same for them later in the day.

There was a case a few months ago in Florida where a player stole a whole case full of cues in front of everyone and on surveillance video.

What if you come back and find someone just trying out your cue. Banging balls around, dinging up your shaft.

It can happen!

5) Playing For Your Cue In A Race To 7.

If you have lost all of your money, stop playing, put your cue away and leave the building.

Tomorrow is another day, perhaps you played badly or your opponent got really lucky. In any event don’t make the situation even worse by gambling away your prized pool cue.

Maybe you could beat the guy the next day but without your cue you are probably not favorite.