How To Straighten My Pool Stroke – Cue Action Drills.

How to straighten my pool stroke

Introduction To Straight Stroking Method. Before you learn how to straighten a pool stroke using this method, please understand that this information is contrary to the advice that is often given by other coaches and most instruction books. If you are having problems with straight in shots try it out you might be surprised. We … Read more

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke – My Pool Stroke Analysis.

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke. - Pool Stroke Video Analysis

Introduction to the Pool Stroke. So let’s learn together how to improve your pool stroke and take your game to the next level. The pool stroke is one of the most important aspects of playing successful pool. Without a great stroke, you can never produce the needed consistency and accuracy needed for top class play. … Read more

Does Your Bridge Length Matter When Playing Pool?

does bridge length matter

Pool Player Bridge Length. The length of your bridge is the distance between your bridge hand and the cue ball when you take a shot. This distance has an effect on many aspects of your cue action and can in fact affect the accuracy and the smoothness of your stroke. Here are some examples of … Read more