How To Play The Stun Shot – The Secret To Great Position Play.

how to play the stun shot

What Is The Stun Shot? The stun shot is a very exciting shot to learn. This shot gives another dimension to your position play. In its simplest form the shot is just the same as a stop shot but on an angle. When a stop shot is played on an angled shot, the the direction … Read more

What is the Tangent Line and How to use it to Improve You Game?

How to use the tangent line to improve position

Yes, the same tangent line that your geometry teacher at school was talking about years ago. However, your teacher probably failed to give you a practical use for this line. So let’s look at the tangent line and its practical applications in billiards. Pay close attention: this could be the one piece of information that … Read more

Three Quarter Ball Position Practice Drill.

video practice drill

This Video is a Practice Drill This is a pool practice drill that my snooker coach demonstrated to me during an hour session in Nottingham. The idea is to play all of the shots from the same cue ball and object ball location and achieve different track lines by changing your stroke. Changing the Stroke … Read more