What Is The Best Jump Cue For Beginner Pool Players?

Jump cues


The Jump cue, some players love them, some think that using a jump cue is just the same as cheating. 

However, if you don’t get a jump cue and learn how to use it, you are at an extreme disadvantage in modern day pool.

Watch players like Joshua Filler from Germany jump the ball to see how deadly a jump cue can be in the right hands.

If the rules say that you can use a jump cue, it doesn’t matter whether you agree with it or not!

So with that being said let’s look at the jump cue and some good options for you.

Seeing a jump shot played to perfection is a thing of pure beauty, yet it may seem like a shot that is a mere pipe dream for beginners and in fact, most amateurs. But it is a skill that can be mastered, and mastering it is made a lot simpler with the addition of one piece of equipment to the pool players armory. The Jump Cue.

In this article we will discuss some of the best jump cues but on the market, but first let’s delve in and talk about some of the features that make a jump cue a jump cue. If you are looking to buy your first jump cue, then this guide will help you make the correct decision.

How Jump cues are different from Standard Pool Cues?

A standard pool cue is usually around 58” long and can weigh anything from 15oz to 25oz in weight, mostly though they fall within the range of around 18oz to 21oz. Although there are exceptions, most cues are still manufactured out of wood and feature a leather tip.

Now, let’s consider the features of a jump cue.

Jump Cue Tip.

Leather tips are the traditional way to go for standard cues. Most jump cues use a hard tip like phenolic or bakelite. These are incredibly hard materials, which has one great advantage over leather tips, they can transfer far more energy into the cue ball. Traditional tips tend to absorb more of the energy from the cue to ball impact which dulls the action of the cue ball.

Jump Cue Weight.

The whole method of jumping a ball is getting as much energy into the cue ball as smoothly and as accurately as possible. The key here is in the speed of the cueing action, and that speed is far easier to achieve if the cue is light. To that end, jump cues are far lighter than standard cues.

Whereas a typical pool cue will usually weigh in somewhere around the 20oz mark a jump cue can be as light as 5oz and up to about 10oz. Of course, as always when discussing such matters there are always exceptions, but this fits as a general rule.

What weight of cue to choose is a question that will vary enormously from player to player and it really is a matter of trying a few different weights of cue first if you can. One good guideline that can give you a benchmark is the preferred weight of your standard cue, if you prefer a lighter cue then try at the lighter end of the jump cue range and vice-versa.

There are also some fantastic cues that have adjustable weighting systems, which could be a great choice if you’re not sure.

Length Of Cue.

Jump cues are generally a good 10” to 18” shorter than standard cues, usually measuring from 40” to 48”. One of the main reasons for the reduction is length is simply to save weight. Once again finding the right length is a matter of trial and error, but in this case it has also to be balanced against the increased weight if you select a longer cue.

It is also important that you are comfortable with the size of the cue, there is no point in sacrificing all that weight if you end up with a cue that doesn’t fit your cueing action.

To be able to cue comfortably you need to be able to hold the cue without touching the base of the cue and with the supporting hand not too far up the cue.

Jump Cue Build.

Another weight saving feature that many jump cues use is a carbon fiber construction. Carbon fiber is a material utilized in many sports for making lightweight and rigid structures. Pool cue manufacturers use it in jump cues for this very reason.

Another common feature in their construction is that despite their shorter length they will often come as 3 or even 4-piece cues. This gives them flexibility in terms of weight and length as extension pieces can be added or removed to suit the shot and the player’s personal preferences.

It also gives them the advantage of being highly portable at the same time.

To enable quick change of extensions many of the cues also feature Uni-loc quick release joints. As the name suggests, this mechanism allows you to quickly change extensions without having to screw or unscrew the sections each time you change.

Jump Cues vs Break Cues.

One surprise when comparing these types of cue is that despite their completely different design parameters, they are readily interchangeable. This is because they are both designed to achieve the same thing, they just use different methods to get the job done.

Ultimately, both types of cue are designed to deliver as much power as possible to the cue ball as accurately and smoothly. But there the similarity ends. Whereas Jump cues tend to be shorter and lighter, Break cues are of standard length of around 58” and normally weigh from 18oz upwards.

So, despite the differences between the cue types they can both perform each other’s duties if required, in fact many combo jump/break cues are available.

Top Jump Cues for Pool Players

Okay, so now we know what makes a good jump cue, let’s have a look at the best jump cues for pool players.

Predator Air II Jump Cue

Predator are renowned for the quality of their products and the Air II Jump Cue is certainly worthy of that reputation. Weighing in at around 10oz it isn’t the lightest Jump Cue on the market, but this medium weight offers more versatility.

Top Features –

  • Adjustable Weight System
  • BK3 Phenolic Tip Technology
  • Sport II Grip System
  • 3-Piece Construction

Designed to maintain accuracy in both a short and long configuration this is a great all-rounder that can be further customized by the addition of weights. These come in 0.25 increments up to a total of 3.5ozs.

What I Like about the Predator Air II Jump Cue.

Precision Engineering – Predator have always been focused on innovation and build quality and it shows in the Predator Air II Jump.

Phenolic Tip – A Phenolic tip with a carbon fiber shield delivers maximum energy to the cue ball.

Grip System – The Sport II Grip system has 5 traction zones and has intense tackiness for an exceptionally sure grip.

Quick Release Joint – Uni-Loc technology is used to allow quick and easy changes of configuration.

What I Didn’t Like about the Predator Air II Jump Cue

It’s hard to find a flaw with this product, but one minor niggle is that the weights for the adjustable weight system must be purchased separately.

The Lucasi Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Technology Jump Cue

Lucasi is another brand that has a big reputation to bring to the table and this offering only enhances that position. Lucasi are so confident in the build quality and engineering of this cue that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Top Features –

  • Bakelite Tip
  • G5 Grip System
  • Fixed 7.9oz Weight
  • X-Shox Dampening system

This is a cue that features advanced engineering that incorporates a number of features that are all developed for one reason, to guarantee accurate jump shots.

What I like about the Lucasi Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Technology Jump Cue

S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot – The low deflect shaft coupled with 13.75mm incredibly hard bakelite tip gives this cue an accuracy of power delivery that few others can match.

Lightweight – Some cues when stripping weight to the minimum can feel flimsy and fragile. This one has achieved a lightweight without any such issues, it feels and looks robust enough to take on even the most power-hungry shots.

Lifetime Warranty – Purchase this with absolute confidence that if it fails for any reason including warpage it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

What I didn’t like

Non-adjustable weight – A minor thing but it would have been nice to have some form of weight adjustment incorporated.

Players Exotics E-JC Jump Pool Cue

It is hard to miss this cue out of any list of top jump cues, sure it isn’t quite as heavily featured as some of the other models, but it does cost under a $100 and performs like a cue that costs at least double that.

Top Features –

  • American Grade A Hard Rock Maple Construction
  • Bakelite Tip
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight (7oz)

This is perhaps the perfect entry point for those wanting to give jump cues a try out. A bakelite tip paired with exceptional stiffness is the perfect pairing.

What I Like about the Players Exotics E-JC Jump Pool Cue

High Performance at a low price – if you are considering whether to get into the jump cue scene, then this offering has all the features you’d expect from a jump cue without the high price point.

Lifetime Warranty – Despite its low price, this model still comes with a lifetime warranty.

Lightweight – Weighing in at only 7oz, this is a perfect choice for getting speed into that cueing action for those longer jumps.

What I didn’t like

Non Adjustable Weight – Once again this is a difficult cue to pick a flaw with, but with such a lightweight this cue will struggle with shorter jumps.

LUCASI L-2000JC Specialty Jump Pool Cue

This cue offers Lucasi quality and technology at a lower price making it a fantastic choice for those who want to spend just above budget cue prices and get the best possible bang for their buck.

Top Features –

  • Turbo Lock Joint System
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 14mm Bakelite Tip
  • Grade A Hard Rock American Maple

With a price that sits around the $120 mark, this is another cue that punches above its weight. And what a punch it can deliver too, this 41” cue weighs in at around the 8oz mark and features an extra light shaft and a high gloss finish.

What I like about the LUCASI L-2000JC Specialty Jump Pool Cue

Classic Design – For those who like their cues to look ‘old-school’ this is a traditionalists dream, that has a stunning, yet simple design topped off with a UV-protecting high gloss finish.

Performs Superbly – The combination of a low-deflection shaft and a 14mm bakelite tip for a larger sweet spot gives this cue a performance level of many cues twice its price.

Lifetime Warranty – Covers against all manufacturing defects and includes warpage for extra peace of mind.

What I didn’t like

Grip – The exclusion of any sort of grip mechanism may not suit some players.

Cuetec Cynergy Propel Ghost Jump Cue

This cue finishes our round up with a bang! The Cuetec Cynergy is simply one of the very best jump cues on the market.

Top Features –

  • Taom 2.0 Red Tip
  • Two Configurations
  • Carbon Composite Jump Handle
  • Phenolic Ferrule

Cuetec have produced a stunning cue that is designed form the bottom up to produce a lightweight cue that delivers oodles of power smoothly and accurately. The inclusion of a red taom tip is one of the keys here, this custom blend of organic compound and polymers makes for a cue tip that offers immense compressive force, delivering maximum cue power to the cue ball.

What I like about the Cuetec Cynergy Propel Ghost Jump Cue

Dual Configuration – Includes a weighted extension piece, the cue can either be used in a 44” 7.75oz configuration or with the use of the extension it is 47.46” with a weight of 11oz.

Construction – A composite carbon fiber shaft and jump handle, keep the weight down without compromising on strength or rigidity.

Quick Release joints – Change configuration in seconds.

What I Didn’t Like

It is very difficult to find a flaw with this product, but perhaps one slight issue is the lack of a protective bumper, but I’m really just nit-picking.


So there you have it, a complete breakdown of what a jump cue is and how it delivers focused power to achieve this. If you are forever finding yourself in tight spots on the pool table (and who isn’t) and wished you could jump out of them like a pro, then one of these cues is a perfect addition.

I have covered a range of cues from a range of budgets, but they all have one thing in common. They are fantastic performers designed to do a very specific job.

The next time you are in a seemingly impossible situation on the pool table, take one of these beauties out and impress everyone!