Nine-Ball Run Out | When Things Go Wrong Fast.

9 ball run out problems

What Is A Nine-Ball Run-Out? A 9-ball runout occurs when a player breaks the balls and continues to shoot until all of the balls have been pocketed.  Each of the 9 numbered balls need to be made in numerical order. The lowest numbered ball must be contacted 1st.  Any ball can be made in any … Read more

Easy Inside English Three Rails Pool Practice Drill – Cue Shaft Deflection

inside english off 3 rails

In this video you will learn how to play inside English, left and side, off 3 rails to get position in the middle of the table. Just as a quick note, being from the UK I find it strange that Americans refer to side spin as “English.” Snooker player usually refer to it as side … Read more

Three Quarter Ball Position Practice Drill.

video practice drill

This Video is a Practice Drill This is a pool practice drill that my snooker coach demonstrated to me during an hour session in Nottingham. The idea is to play all of the shots from the same cue ball and object ball location and achieve different track lines by changing your stroke. Changing the Stroke … Read more

Center Table Three Quarter Ball Practice Drill Video.

3/4 ball practice drill

Here is another three quarter ball practice drill for your warm-up routine. After playing each shot look at the finish position of the white ball and note the route or the track line taken. Try to remember the shape in picture form and combine the picture with the feeling of speed and tip position. There are … Read more