Pool Performance Goals and Expectations – Can Coaching Help You?

Setting goals

What is a Performance Goal?

Goal-setting restructures your brain to make it more effective according to this study.

​This Inc.com goal setting article simplifies that study as follows:

1. Goal-setting literally alters the structure of your brain so that you perceive and behave in ways that will cause you to achieve those goals; and

2. Challenging goals that have strong emotional resonance will alter your brain structure more quickly and effectively than weak goals.

Big, strong goals can contribute to getting results.

Pool performance goals and expectations, generally a goal is something that you are striving to achieve. Goals can be tangible or intangible.
Tangible goals have a real presence…I want to lose 10 lbs.
Intangible goals can be ….I need to improve my attitude.

Goals can be and should be :

  • Long term,
  • Medium-term,
  • Short term

What Are Realistic Performance Goals in Pool.

There is some debate about whether a goal should be reasonable and not outrageous.
Reasonable goals for humans are bound by our physical form, you will probably not be the next heavy weight boxing champion if you are 65 years old and get out of breath standing up.
However intangible goals have no such limits placed on them, so shoot for the moon!

Tell Your Coach about Your Pool Goals!

This seems to be redundant and obvious but it is very important. Coaches can have a set lesson or cater to individual needs which can be varied to a players individuals goals.
Many students go to coaches with a… “I just want to be a better player.” attitude with no specifics. You have to make it absolutely clear to the coach what you expect to get from your time together. It is your lesson, your time don’t waste the opportunity.

Without a thorough dialog you could waste time dealing with irrelevant issues.

If you are not sure or get easily flustered write it down.

What Time Schedule For Performance Goals?

The reasonable time schedule will be down to the individual. Sometimes you have to realize that if it took you 5 years to learn a bad habit, you will not get instant results. You will also know if you are the type of person who is driven by deadlines or leaves most things to the last minute. Know these facts about yourself can also help to set time limits on your goals

Goals are flexible, so if you have made progress but not complete your task adjustments can be made.

Reasonable Coaching Goal Example.

John is an APA 3 in 9 ball pool and would like to be an APA 4. He plays twice a week in the local APA league down at the pool hall. His shot making is not bad but he is always shooting difficult shots because of poor position.

Goal To move up to an APA 4.
How Learning about shape and position play.
Method Watching video training, practicing appropriate drills.
Time 90 Days

Helpful Tips For Success.

You must take action.
Nothing will happen unless you take positive, consistent daily action!

  • Break the 90 days into daily, weekly and monthly goals.
  • Keep a journal of your progress towards your goal.
  • Note shots that are a problem, practice them more.
  • Check your progress, are you making headway.

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